What medication can anyone suggest is the best

Hi all,

im from the uk

any tips about the best medication for ms? Pro & cons etc.

any support would be greatly appreciated?

i suffer with relapsing remitting, but was told recently i need to choose a medication to slow down progression

I’m pretty scared about the Side affects and there is a lot of negativity around what actually helps



I don’t think anyone can tell you what is the best DMD for you, it really depends on your circumstances and what you want. Have a look at the MS Trust decision aid: MS Decisions aid | MS Trust it lists all the various drugs.

Have a look through, maybe talk it through with your MS nurse. And whatever you choose, don’t forget that if you suffer from bad side effects, or want to change to a different drug, you can.


hi beth

it’s like everything with ms what suits one doesn’t suit another.

all i can do is tell you which DMTs i have had.

2008 diagnosis and went on copaxone.

i chose that because i didn’t fancy the flu-like side effects of some injectables.

copaxone is a daily, subcutaneous injection but it fit in well with my life.

after about 4 years i kept getting cramps where i injected.

in my tum it felt like period pains.

anyway to cut a long story short, i skipped the crampy sites.

ended up just doing my arms and developed lipotrophy .

my ms nurse was appalled at the sight of my arms and said i was not to inject again.

so i chose tecfidera.

tecfidera is so easy (just 2 pills a day)

however i did have side effects.

if you choose tecfidera ask for extra 120mg tablets so that you don’t go on full dose of 240mg until your system is used to it.

whatever you decide will take a leap of faith.

carole x

I believe there is always an exception to every rule… and for this particular subject… here am i devil


easiest. most convenient. fewest side effects. easily monitored risk profile. most effective of all first line options.

hands down… easy question to answer… tecfidera.


asking for the 120mg caps until further notice is an excellent strategy to assist in the event-free building of tolerance of a this ‘beneficial poison’

Thankyou :slight_smile: