Best DMD?

Is there any such thing as a ‘best’ DMD? As in one that has the fewest side effects and the best results? Or is it the same with everything else with this illness that everyone is different?

I just cannot decide whether I should start on something or not after 25 years of no medication. I’m in the middle of a relapse and my neuro said last year that if I had any further relapses I would ‘qualify’!

Tecfedria is a twice daily tablet and seems to be going well for me - was on copaxone but it was a daily injection but had it a good few years

Wonder if anyone is actually gathering data on how effective different DMD’s are.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a universally ‘best’ DMD.

It really is a matter of what suits the individual: the most effective for the least side effects.

If you want the most effective (and qualify for it), then it’d be something like Lemtrada, but the trade off is the potential for serious side effects. If you want the least side effects, then Copaxone would be my bet, or maybe even Plegridy; the trade here is in relapse reduction rate. But for somewhere in between, there’s Tysabri (again, if you qualify) or Tecfidera (which nearly everyone qualifies for).

Personally, I’ve had 4 DMDs and had bad side effects from 3 of the 4 plus one failed to work after a few years.

And now I don’t qualify for any. Neither would I take any due to the aforementioned side effects. (Different for each drug!)


I have been on Rebif for ever and a day. I haven’t noticed any side effects and it does seem to do the job. Moira