Got told by MS nurse that consultant not considering a DMD

Got my first MS consultant appointment tomorrow morning.

At my first MS nurse appointment a few weeks ago, she said according to the notes she’d seen, the consultant was not considering a DMD for me.

This surprised me as I keep reading how one should start a DMD as soon as possible.

Under what sort of circumstances does it seem advisable to not receive a drug?

Just asking a general question really.

Thanks for your time,


hi nev

i was going to say ask your neuro the same question but you will have seen him by now.

maybe in the olden days a doctor could say those kind of things but as they say “knowledge is power” and thanks to online communities we all KNOW that DMDs are recommended at diagnosis.

anyway hope it went well

carole x

Problem solved, he’d been under the impression that I hadn’t fulfilled the criteria because I’d not mentioned loads of little things that I didn’t know counted as events. I thought a relapse was always much more drastic than it turns out it might be.

So, I’ve picked Copaxone.

For better or worse, I’ll give it a go.

Thanks though, appreciate your words!



hi nev

good ,luck with copaxone.

i chose it for my first DMD.

it was great for 5 years and easy to fit into my lifestyle.

however i started to find some of the injection sites painful (no reason other than being a mardy arse).

so i developed lipotrophy as a result and my ms nurse put me on tecfidera.

so learn from my mistake and make sure you rotate the injection sites properly.

carole x

How have you found Tecfidera ? I am currently trying to deside between that and beta interferons and very confused !

hi sarah

tecfidera is a doddle.

easy peasy although i had a lot of nausea at first.

make sure you have eaten before taking it.

i found it best to take halfway through a meal.

sort of food before and after.

it doesnt have to be massive amounts as i’ve never eaten much in the morning.

a peanut butter sandwich is enough.

i can’t believe that such an effective drug is so easy to take.

post back on here or everyday living if you have any problems which i’m sure that one of us will be able to help.

carole x