Newly Diagnosed with MS

Hi, I’ve just been diagnosed with MS, few weeks ago and been given a choice of DMD’s.

The two DMD’s that the consultant is recommending is Copaxone and Tecfidera.

Is anyone else on either of these and have they worked for them? I’m worried about side effects of either drug.

Is there a better time of the day to do the injection or take the tablet? With food or not?

I am waiting on an appointment with an MS Nurse who i am sure who will go through everything with me but i like to try and have as much info as possible.

Also waiting on an appointment with the Ophthalmologist as i have been experiencing double vision and the consultant wasn’t sure if this was related to the MS or anatomical.

Everyone is affected differently by MS and i am hoping that they have got it early enough before it starts having an serious impact.

As always, any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Mandymoo x

hi mandymoo

i chose copaxone as my first DMD and found it very easy to fit into my lifestyle.

it really doesnt matter what time you do it and you don’t need to do it with food. that’s why it’s so easy.

however after 5 years some of my injection sites started to hurt and so i started to skip them.

this caused me to develop lipotrophy on my arms so my ms nurse switched me to tecfidera.

with the tec i had a lot of nausea at first and was ready to give up but a person who visits this site (paulo smythe) gave me a good talking to advising me to eat my normal quota of food before taking it 3/4 through it. no problems after that and i’ve been on it for 3 years.

so i’ve done both and can recommend both but make sure if you choose copaxone to rotate your injection sites properly.

your ms nurse will show you how.

carole x


thought I’d post here as I’m on week 3 of tecfidera

to be taken approx 12 hours apart daily- apparently with higher fats/protein to reduce side effects. I’m having no problems at all with it so far

the list of potential side effects can be daunting but until you’ve tried it, you’ll never know

im pleased with it so far

good luck and best wishes with your decision

Thank you x

still waiting on my MS Nurse appointment. Just came in from work to the official letter of diagnosis from my consultant.

hopefully get an MS nurse appointment soon.