Have just read on the MS Trust website that Tecfidera has been given the green light by Nice. Patients should be able to get it on the NHS from the end of November. My MS specialist told me i was eligible for it when i saw her last back in July, keeping fingers crossed that i might be able to start getting it before November. Am not currently taking any DMD’s as i didn’t want to start taking something and then have to change over when Tecfidera became available. Glad i waited , my husband was convinced it wouldn’t get approval as it is so expensive!!!


I am on copaxone (daily jab) will we be switched over???

Hi I’ve to start that saw ms nurse an I could of started but because I said I’d go on the trial I’m still waiting,I’m hopping the side affects aren’t as bad as we think they will be. An I’ve too go for an other MRI, do other people get a few MRI ??