I will be starting Tecfidera soon & just wanted to hear from anyone taking it & how they found it. Im over the moon that I no longer have to take injections but just wondered what it was like being on it.

It’s only available in Scotland at the moment!

We can’t get it down here!

I am quite interested in this myself. It looks quite an effective new drug with not too bad side effects.

Good luck and let us know how you get on with it.

Hopefully it will be available to us all soon but i hear it’s quite expensive.

Best wishes



Started it on Monday. Took the first tablet 120mg and about 3 hours later had a hot flush sensation, on my head and down my right arm. Took the 2nd one later on the Onday night and no problems. Just taken my 2nd one for today and so far no problems!. After 7 days goes upto 240mg. Was on Avonex for 4 years and flu symptoms every Friday even though i took some tablets. Glad not having to inject anymore. I live in Scotland so just authorised here.


Hi Great news for you. I have just been given clearance today to start a different tablet called Aubagio. So absolutely delighted no more injections. Was expecting battle with neuro to get tablets him saying the usual I was fine on Rebif. However I told him I hated injecting, it hurt, I suffered injection site reactions and really didnt like injecting. He was very empathetic and totally agreed that tablets would be better for me. It has similar benefits to 44 Rebif. A once daily tablet which will suit me better than twice daily. Only problem is you have to have blood tested every 2 weeks for the first six months as there is concern with raised liver function bloods. Other side effects neuro mentioned were upset stomach and hair thinning or loss. Next step is waiting for a screening appointment with MS nurse to get tablets as its so new they currently don’t have them in stock!!! Min xx

That’s really interesting Min. I’m trying to decide wether to ask the Neuro to prescribe Aubagio. I’m going back to see him soon to discuss starting dmd’s. I’ve not been on anything before and like the idea of avoiding injections and going straight to the tablets but the side affects are a bit worrying. Would be really good to hear how you get on. The ms nurse also told me it involved twice weekly injections but the document I found on the internet recommended 3 monthly and 6 monthly. If there is a concern about ulcer function, does that mean no more alcohol??? Sorry for kinda hijacking your post steffybeth. It would be really good to hear how you get on too. I’m sure it won’t be long until tecfidera becomes available in Scotland too. Ann Marie .