opinions on tecfidera and aubagio please?

Hi everyone. I am currently on Rebif but I am getting really nasty injection sites. After seeing my Ms nurse today she has suggested I come off rebif and try either tecfidera or aubagio. Can anyone share personal experiences on either please? Side effects etc Many thanks Rose

I’m on Tecfidera and it’s going ok so far. I decided against Aubagio as, from what I can gather, it seems to work in the same way as Gilenya, in that it messes around with your white blood cells, and I had a very torrid time on Gilenya (four relapses in ten months) hence the decision to go for Tecfidera.

I had a good eight years on Rebif though. Gave me my life back. Tecfidera hasn’t done that yet but it’s still early days - just started week eight.

Thank you for replies. I have gone with Tecifedra my ms nurse says she has more patients on it than aubagio and I don’t like the sound of aubagio lol! X