I was on Tecfidera at the start of the year but it didn’t work out well for me. I’ve now decided to give Aubagio a go. The first delivery is due on Friday, I’m getting really anxious now that I know that it is ok it’s way. Really worried about getting ill from it like I did with Tecfidera. Is anyone else on Aubagio? Any feedback would be really helpful please or any advice would be great :slight_smile:

there are a few gilenya users on here.

hope it is good for you

carole x

I hope it Aubagio works for me, I don’t want to be poorly again

Hi Minnie Mouse

I have been on Aubagio for 11 weeks now and no problems. Had a little stomach ache for the first couple of weeks but it wasn’t that bad. I’ve had the blood tests and pressures and all OK. I know we’re all different buy hopefully it will be OK for you also.

Keep well and best wishes.


Thank you, I hope so. I was in so much pain with Tecfidera, didn’t sleep, had no energy plus I was really ill. And know all drugs are different but worries it will be the same. Do you take it on an evening or morning?

I take mine after dinner about 7.00pm. It easy to take as you can take with or without food.

Thank you :slight_smile: I get the impression that there isn’t loads of people on this medication

Just bumping this up, on the off chance someone is taking Aubagio but not seen this post. Thanks in advance for your thoughts

Update on Aubagio, personally I find it much better than Tecfidera. Been on it for 3 weeks & went for my 1st blood test today. Ok so the success rate isn’t as good, but there side effects are a lot less. So far so good (touch wood)