Aubagio or Tecfidera?

Hi Folks - I know there is a few posts regarding new tablet treatment and I have been on copaxone for over 10 years and really fed up with jabbing myself everyday so neuro will consider, putting me on tablets - aubagio or tecfidera? There seems to be less side effects with Tecfidera and I am drawn towards it - any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Keep well


hi stephen

i was offered the very same choice last week because although copaxone has been good to me for 6 years, my injection sites are awful.

i chose tecfidera because aubagio requires fortnightly blood test at the hospital where my consultant is based.

usually i dont mind driving but recently it has started to make my symtoms play up.

tecfidera requires monthly blood tests that can be done at your gp’s surgery.

my ms nurse informed me that there has been one death on tec but we will be very closely monitored.

hey time to stop worrying - bring it on!!!

carole x

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Thanks Carole - the thought of fortnightly blood tests and my hair thinning (it can manage that on its own) it is pointing towards Tecfidera then - really appreciate the advice…

Although not officially noted as a side effect, some tecfidera forums / blogs have users reporting hair thinning (something my neuro confirmed) but thus far, i have not seen this in myself.

It is interesting that monthly blood tests have started for Tec users; my tests are three monthly.

The recent fatality, was in a person who had willingly continued with Tecfidera despite having had poor blood test results for over 42 consecutive months!

Thanks Guys - to be fair May - my MS nurse, did say, that if my GP was agreeable, I could get blood tests done there - would save fuel / parking / time etc…

hi all - i had an appoitment with my neuro yesterday and she suggested for me to start treatments now while its earlier then leave it until if it get worse even though i had only one relpase since i was dx with MS five years ago.She went through treatments that involve injecting yourself and the two oral tablets tecfidera and Aubagio.

I am abit scared to go on any treatments, what if they make me feel worse, do you think it would help in the long run and reduce any further relpases. Any advice would be helpful, I’m going to see the neuro again in december to decide whether i want to start treatments or not.

Janan- I’ve been on Copaxone for over 10 years and it has kept me very steady - although I still know I have MS - I would say that a lot of time and money has been spent on investigating and trialling treatments and they wouldn’t be offered unless the specialist’s thought that they help - fair enough sometimes , I wonder, how it would have went if I hadn’t taken my treatment - but I will never know… Now I am deciding again to see if tablets (if i get them) are the next path that I follow…

Hi Redman!

I have been on rebif for 9 years but started to feel ill so needed to move on.

I am now on my 14th week of tecfidera. I am doing very well so far. side effects minimal.

just to let you know…

Tecfidera is proven to reduce relapse rate by about 50%

Aubagio is 30%


thanks Teresa…My MS nurse mentioned that.

Stephen x

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Thanks for all your comments, i have decided to go on Tecifidera, I am going to see my MS nurse to sign consent forms and hopefully start to take the drugs and hopefully wont make me feel worst.

Good stuff - as yet it hasn’t been commissioned yet in Northern Ireland (according to my MS Nurse) but hopefully soon will be…


Started on Tecfidera this week, on day 3 now.

There is a great face book group if you need to check how other people are doing, about 250 recent starters.

Compared with injecting (I have done rebif and copaxone) it is great and does more good

some side effects but they will go in time.

go for it


Hello folks, I have been a poster child for Copaxone. I have had MS for 21 years and nearly 15 been on copaxone. I have had troubles but manageable. The most problem I ever had until late was when my provider slipped a generic in on me and set me back considerably for months about 2 years ago. I say all of this because I am about to start something new. I have read about Aubagio and Tecfidera. Is sounds as though most are fans of the latter. My neurologist is pushing that direction as well. Just looking for feedback, what say you the users?