DMDs- Aubagio or Tech

Was recommended either of the above as potential DMDs given my situation. Any strong views or tips of things to think of to help decide? Thanks all Chris

The advice i was given -

Aubagio -

bloods every 2 weeks

hair thinning

liver problems (possibly)

Tecfidera -

bloods - 3 months

Diarrhoea / nausea


I opted for Tecfidera - bit sick at the start and occasional flushing but everything seems to be going ok with it - i used to inject copaxone, everyday and don’t miss that at all…

I’ve been on Tec for nine months and no side effects really, feel a bit hot once a day for about 10 minutes.

From my own research, these are two very similar drugs, the only difference being that Aubagio can remain in your blood for up to 24 months; Tecfidera is gone within about 6 hours.

This might be of significant importance if you do not get on with the drug and / or if you need to switch to an alternative.

Also, from personal experience, Tecfidera has side effects which are so mild, that they barely warrant mentioning.

The choice is clear. (IMO)

I’ve been on Aubagio for 5 months now and so far so good. No side effects,a once a day pill with or without food so pretty easy. If you do have sides then you can stop it strait away.


I’d go for Tecfidera. Trials show that it reduces relapse rates by about 50%. opposed to Aubagio that reduces relapse rates by about 30%. Besides less frequent blood tests than Aubagio. From personal experience, Tecfidera has side effects that are mild.