I saw my neurologist yesterday and she suggested I begin taking tecfidera in a months time. I was officially diagnosed with ms in 2007 but feel I have had it since 1996. This will be the first drug I have taken for ms and I am very apprehensive.

I have been reading previous “posts” about tecfidera and they sound quite negative and scary. Has anyone had a positive experience?

I’m starting to have second thoughts about beginning treatment and feel very confused.


Your concerns are reasonable, but what previous posts are you referring to in the above quote? they cannot be from this site! And they are most certainly not posts i have made.

Tecfidera is awesome. My only other question is, why are you waiting a month? Get them and get them now! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. I guess I meant the side effects sound serious and I must say your posts are all really helpful and much appreciated. Its just very worrying to hear that some people for example report experiencing hair loss and some people have stopped the treatment altogether due to various other problems listed as side effects. I’m just feeling very apprehensive at the moment.

My neurologist said it would take a month for the prescription to be processed. I ve had ms officially since 2007 but I know Ive had it longer than that and this is the first drug I’ve been offered. I will definitely follow your advice.

Once again than you for your reply, its great to know you are so enthusiastic about the drug.

Hi, I’m on Tec and have had no serious problems, just minor flushing in first months and a bit of indigestion, both now seem to be resolved.

Hi Lenney, thank you for your reply. Its very reassuring to hear your side effects were so mild.

Hi Annabell,

I’m in the same boat. I’m going on Tecfidera on Friday. I’m nervous but I am excited as well. My MS isn’t that bad but is progressively getting worse and I would really like to stabalise it, if I can. I’ve tried both Rebif and Copaxone which didn’t agree with me. I’m hoping Tecfidera will be better and no injections. :slight_smile:

Good luck with it.

Adrian x