Family Matters


I was diagnosed with RRMS in June this year. I am 28.

My husband and I were certain about starting a family before this, and have since discussed this with an MS Nurse (who has recently left). She suggested perhaps starting meds now, so I have some protection until I get pregnant, but I am wary of doing so after hearing some women relapse after stopping the medication.

Has anyone here started medication, fallen pregnant then come off? Did you have any problems? Or did you forego treatment and have children first? Do you wish you’d done things differently?

I have a deadline of a few weeks to decide either, so just looking into it.

If I do start treatment it’ll most likely to be Tecfidera.

Thanks in advance.

many women relapse after giving birth so may be as well to grit your teeth and start tecfidera.

it clears out of the system in less than a day so wouldn’t imagine side effects from coming off it.

wish you an easy pregnancy and birth.

also hope the ms is kind to you