Starting a family but relapsing like crazy *advise please*

Hi there,

So my husband and I have been trying to start a family for the past 3 months (no luck yet) :frowning:

I’ve been off my Avonex for that time and have been fine up until now, but since 1 week ago I have been experiencing my worst relapse ever (worse than when I had my first 2 years ago which lead to my diagnosis). I’m currently numb from chest down, unable to walk more than a slow shuffle, have sandpaper sensation in fingers and an MS hug. All of which are very uncomfortable!

Do any ladies have any advise for me? I’m currently struggling with this relapse and haven’t been able to get through to my MS nurses today, I’m not sure if I could even have some kind of treatment for a relapse whilst TTC.

This was my biggest fear about coming off Avonex and I guess I just hoped I’d fall pregnant quickly and then everything would be worth it, but sadly MS has caught me out.

Guess not?

Hi there. I have been off avonex from Nov 14 married 2 years now my hubby and I are wanting to start family (unsuccessful 11 months on) since coming off med i felt great up to about 2/3months ago. My walking is a daily struggle esp right leg and i have drop foot which is extremely frustrating. I can only walk short distances before my right leg gets heavy, sore, i trip and get extremely uncomfortable. My whole body tenses up esp neck and shoulders walking short distances. I am now at the point due to being unsuccessful with conceiving, thinking if i would be able to look after and do all the things a mother does i.e walking while carrying child, lifting child without tripping, walk down street with pram etc. There is nothing more my husband and I want than to have kids but nearly a year on with no joy maybe its a good thing. just feeling completely deflated and useless.

Could you maybe go on copaxone? I am on that and was allowed to stay on it while trying to get pregnant. Once I knew I was pregnant I came straight off it and went straight back in when my daughter was born. She is a happy healthy 20 month old now! Maybe it’s an option for you but talk to your Neuro x