Pregnancy, relapse and steroids advice

Hey, I’m having one of the worst relapses i’ve ever had. Numb from chest down now, and actually unable to walk at all. It’s so scary as I’ve always been able to move somehow. I came off my Avonex 3 months ago for my wedding and hoping to get pregnant, so maybe this is why it’s so bad. I’m hoping the good news won’t be too far off, but this relapse is a killer. I’m presuming I can’t take steroids if I’m hoping to have a baby soon? If I can’t, is there anything (food, exercise etc) that may help bring my legs back? xxx :x

I’m so sorry this horrible relapse is marring what should be a happy time for you. May I suggest that you seek your neurologist’s or MS nurse’s advice, if you have not already done so? My personal view is that your top priority at the moment should be getting your own health good and stable. Whatever your plans and hopes for the future, a healthy you has to be a very important aspect for you and your husband. This might argue for steroids for now, and perhaps waiting a little longer than you had hoped. Of course there might be other complicating factors here - I don’t know what age you are, for instance. Whatever, your circs, clearly you are having a difficult time, and I hope you shake off this relapse as soon as possible. Alison x

Thanks for this. My neuro just told me to see my GP which was disappointing. I’m 34 and really want to have just 1 baby before I get older or any worse with this illness. The steroids are appealing to get over this, but I was thinking that the longer I put off having a baby the more likely another relapse will pop up. First GP appointment is Monday, but I don’t know how much it’ll help. I just wish there was something that could help didn’t affect pregnancy. Thanks for your message! xx

Hi I have two little boys, having my third now I took steroids a few months before and straight after both pregnancies and both my boys are fine (3 nearly 4 and 2) and didn’t have any problems at all. I was told though that I couldn’t breast feed while taking the steroids after the boys were born but a local support group has suggested that this may not be the case which is good news :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you have managed to speak to someone about your relapse and hope you’ll be better soon - good luck xx

I had steroids about 3 months ish before failing pregnant with my little girl and she was fine and has only one head and the correct number of fingers and toes. Good luck xx


Sorry you’re feeling rubbish. I had steroids just before I got pregnant due to a relapse. I was under going IVF and the fertility Dr and my Neuro said it was fine to have them.