Relapse and breastfeeding

Hi all

my lovely baby girl is almost 11 weeks. I am breastfeeding, but I am pretty sure Ian having a relapse. Has anyone had experience here? I assume steroids would be a no no. Am waiting on consenting appt for lamtrada.

thanks All x

Hi, I can’t say whether or not your allowed steroids but my question would be do you think you really need to take them or can you ride out the relapse? Steroids can cause more problems than what your dealing with and could make you feel dreadful. Of course it all depends if you need to get better faster (in which case steroids ‘may’ help) but I can also appreciate you need to be as well as possible as quickly as possible when your looking after a baby. Sorry I can’t offer any more advice. Enjoy your baby, they are so cute at that age x

I would try and ride out the relapse too, you’ll never get this time again for the little one and having made it to 11 weeks of breastfeeding it would be heartbreaking to have to stop so early.

Congratulations and best of luck with the feeding. It’s hard work but so so worth it.

I really dislike steroids and would normally avoid them, but, I am struggling to look after the baby. I defo cannot walk with her until my arms. I just need it to go away asap!!

thanks for replying x