Steroids ?

I was just interested to know if you guys receive steroid treatment for every relapse you have? If not - would like to know your reasons as to why? Thanks :slight_smile:

hi Ob

i had iv steroids for a big relapse at the time i was diagnosed.

i have refused them since because i have osteopaenia and steroids will make it worse.

carole x

Absolutely yes. Not that I have many relapses any more but I always did before. I just want to get better as soon as possible and get back to work and back to normal.


I’ve just been prescribed them but have not taken them as I’m scared of the side-effects and feeling rough. I’m getting over my last relapse naturally as it wasn’t particularly bad but I guess if I’d had a bad one I would be more inclined to take them.

That sounds a bit rambling!! Sorry!

I’ve done both IV and oral in the last 3 months. I found IV to be exrutiatingly painful although I believe this is not the norm.

The oral steroids tasted awful and caused insomnia but taking them wasn’t too bad, it was the crash that came afterwards that was awful and that a week and a half later I’m still working through.

I’ve yet to see any benefit from either course but I know from reading other posts that others have found them to be very beneficial so pleaee don’t base any decisions solely on my post.

No, I don’t take steroids for every relapse. I definitely needed them at diagnosis as I was barely able to walk and they made a difference within a week. It was still a long, slow road to full recovery though.

This year I’ve had two relapses, one affecting each leg. The first one left my leg almost completely seized up so I took oral steroids and they freed up my leg within the week again. However I was just beginning to recover fully when the next relapse struck affecting the other leg. Very similar symptoms but not quite so severe. I refused steroids partly as I was in denial that it was a relapse and partly because I hate the side effects and will only take steroids when there seems no other option and I really cannot walk without them.

Tracey x