steroid advice please kind people

Hi, I’ve visited GP and he feels it probably is a relapse so prescribed steroids. Think he felt he had no.choice as the nurses have not contacted me yet. And as its affecting my walking he doesn’t want it to go worse. I’m still having a dilemma of whether to take them or not? I only had some in September so getting paranoid that I am making things worse by just taking them? If I do takw them whens best? I read its best to take them at night as they do their job better. I usually take them all before 3pm so I can sleep?! Advice pretty please x x


I find steroids make me slightly hyper active and unable to sleep, so my personal choice is to take them in the morning.

(can’t comment on what time of day makes them do their job better, as have never been told the time affects this)

With regards to stopping the relapse getting worse, I would have thought the sooner you take them the better.

However, my GP always tells me the final outcome (after relapse) will be the same so leaves the choice with me. So far, I have always taken them when prescribed.

Hope this helps

Thanks the M S Nurses have contacted and agree its a relapse rather than a deterioration. She said a deterioration is gradual not sudden like what I’ve described. She also said to take all the tablets in the morning too. I’ve took one now as I hadn’t spoke to her at that point so I need to take four tomorrow now and for the next five days. Taken three days off sick too although have my work laptop here so I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a lil tinker to pass the time. Thanks for you advice. Fingers crossed this works now x