Help in a dilema !!!


I have a bit of a problem and would love some advise.

I am at the start of a relapse (symptoms getting worse each day) but i’m also about a week and a half away from finding out if i have got pregnant this month.

My dilema is that if i go to see my MS nurse he is going to want me to go onto IV steroids and i don’t know if i’m happy about this (with not knowing if i’m pregnant or not).

Please give all the advise you can

Lisa X

Hi Lisa,

Well, I haven’t been pregnant before, OR been on steroids for that matter, but it seems unlikely your nurse would recommend them if there’s a possibility you might be pregnant.

I know it’s recommended to take them as early in a relapse as possible, for best effect, but if it’s only a week and a half 'til you’ll know for sure, how much difference would holding off that long realistically make?

If it turns out you ARE pregnant, then you’ll probably want to give the steroids a miss this time (though I’m not sure what the risks would be, if any, if you still wanted them).

If you’re NOT pregnant, then bad luck this time, but presumably starting the steroids a few days later than you otherwise might wouldn’t be a big deal?


speak to your ms nurse she should beable to come up with a solution but i think taking anything at the early stages may be a bit risky but i’m sure your nurse will be able to advise

yeh, hun. Discuss it with your nurse and then weigh up the pros and cons. Not worth risking any problems for your little one, eh?

best wishes

luv Pollx

Hi Lisa I meet 1 of the 2- no I haven’t been pregnant. I don’t know about their usage if you are pregnant. I had 3 x IV and they helped me Good luck Mike

Someone has definitely posted on here that she was pregnant and her neuro had OKed steroids knowing this, so I think it’s OK. (Please check though!)

Saying that, all that steroids will do, if they work, is speed up time to recovery. They don’t make any difference to the outcome. Obviously if you’re having a nasty relapse, it’s best for it to be over as soon as possible, but it there’s any chance you can hold on, it’s worth considering?

But I think it’s considered safe to have steroids.

Karen x


I’m currently taking a course of steriods and it says that they can just slow down the growth of the baby.

However saying that when I was pregnant last year my ms symptoms completely went away, never felt better, apart from the morning sickness etc. Speak to nurse/gp maybe worth waiting a while to see if you are definately pregnant.


Andrea xx