Ive just found out Im 2-3 weeks pregnant. I would be over the moon but I had a course of steroids approx 2 weeks ago for a nasty relapse. We had stopped trying during at the start of the relpase and havent tried since the relapse but obviously before must have been when it happened. I did do a pregnancy test before the start of steroids - negtaive but must have been too early.
Don’t know what to do. Dont know if it would have affected the baby…

Very confused at the momment, please let me know if you know anything about this or have had this happen to you

Someone posted on here very recently to say that they had been prescribed steroids and they are pregnant (I think it was 7-8 months). So I guess steroids are OK if you are further into a pregnancy at least. I would think you really have to call an expert to see if they are OK early in a pregnancy - your MS nurse should know, or at least know how to find out.

Good luck!

Karen x

Hi Anon, as Karen says, contact MS nurse or if you haven’t got one, phone GP.

I think it was was dangerous for unborn baby they would have made a fuss about making sure you didn’t get pregnant just before starting, or during steroid treatment… so try not to panic.

Hoping it will all be fine and you will then have every reason to celebrate.

Pat x

Thank you both.

Panic over … MS nurse said its fine and GP said its fine no need to worry. Only be concerned if I was on long term steroids like everyday. MS nurse said that they prescribe steroids during pregnancy. Think it is different as it is a short blast I dont know but fingers crossed tthat maternity agree too. Can now go and celebrate, well you know what I mean… Dont know what I have let my self in for!?!