More steroids?

Hi I had a course of steroids 3 weeks ago for a relapse. I felt my mobility went back to how it was for 2 days and then had 3 night of no sleep as my baby was unwell. I now feel I’m back how I was in that relapse. Should I request another course? Or is that it and I won’t get better again? Thanks

Hi Loola,

Although I do understand why, I think perhaps you’re being a little bit impatient. Three weeks is very quick for a relapse - even with steroids.

The average is five or six weeks, and I’ve certainly had a couple lasting months. I’m not sure, but I don’t think you’ll be offered steroids again so soon, even if you request them. If you take them too often, the risks and side-effects outweigh the benefits.

So you could try, but I think you’ll probably be told to wait, and see how it goes. Three weeks is much too soon to be concluding you won’t get better. Give it time… To be honest, I’d be saying much the same, even if you’d said it was three months. Still not too late for improvement.


Thanks Anitra I had been suffering with a relapse for about 2 months with it gradually getting worse but because I was breastfeeding I was unable to take steroids. I finally took them once lo was on the bottle. Just feel the total benefit was lost due to loosing alot of sleep. I’m unsure how long they continue to have an affect after taking them. Just getting me down really.

It may be that your overtired and that’s why you feel the same. If you can try and get some rest, maybe someone to have the baby for a few hours and sleep, sleep, sleep. My nurse said the steroids can continue to work as long as three months sometimes longer. I asked for some more as like you I improved then felt I went backwards…I had also experienced some restless nights. My nurse refused on the basis that they take a while to work and carry on working when you think they are out your system. She signed me off for another two weeks and she was right, I started picking up. I have picked up more since too. Still not as I was but I think getting strength back etc takes some work too. Good luck hun. Give them a ring just for peace of mind hun xxx

Thanks Lisalou That’s really reassuring. I shall hang in there. I will try and have a more positive attitude about it. Thanks again

We need to keep our chin up … its hard but ww can’t be beaten. Ive a three year old so know what its like with a young child ans the pressures it brings. Its my reason for having no more children and my recent relapses plus nearly dying in child birth didn’t help. Chin up hun xxx

Thanks Lisalou This is my second baby. I’ve coped really well but had forgotten how lon it ssometimes takes for steroids to work when you are unabl to rest completely . Thanks again