Some reassurance needed

Hi so I’m not sure if I just need reassurance or if I should go to Dr. Diagnosed 3 years ago with rrms and not really had any issues since an initial course of steroids. I still get tired easily and wake up with numbness in the right arm daily but it eases quickly and I don’t let it bother me. Try to be health(ish) could always do more exercise and cut out the chocolate but I’m generally healthy and cutting out treats would just be unnecessary punishment in my eyes. Anyways I’m freaking out today. For the first time ever and I don’t know what to do. I miscarried in November which lead to a short period of extreme exhaustion and generally achy pains that the consultant put down to being hormonal. Took a couple of weeks off work for the first time in my life and made sure I was resting plenty and doing gentle exercise each day and came out the other side feeling normal again quite quickly. Fast forward to yesterday, woke up with an electric shock at the base of my spine which lead to pins needles and numbness in both legs below the knee. Went to work as normal and the feeling subsided around midday. At 5 it came back with vengeance I’m know completely number from my ribcage down and everything feels very tight and walking is proving difficult. Tried “walking it off” round the park this morning to no joy. Also figured out this morning I’m 5 weeks pregnant. What I’m trying to decide is do I try and get in touch with someone asap or should I just wait and see what happens. My body feels so alien to me today!

Hi Pam

If you have an MS nurse, I would get in touch to ask for advice. The trouble is that being so early in a pregnancy, that will preclude your taking any drugs for MS, maybe ask for some physio help?

Otherwise, ask your GP for advice?

Congratulations on the pregnancy. I do hope you get past this period quickly.


Hi Pam, and many congratulations. I can well understand how scared you are. Being Saturday you may not be able to contact your MS nurse, even if you have one. Try not to panic. Rest as much as possible, put your feet up rather than walking round the park. The efficacy of steroids in relapses is much debated, and may not be advised at present anyway. You could ring NHS direct and see if they can offer any advice, and failing that, if it gets any worse, e.g. you can’t walk, go to A& E (if you have a few hours to kill!) But mainly, don’t panic. It’s horrible, but it is most likely to clear on it’s own. Really hope you feel better soon, and your pregnancy goes well. X

Congrats from me too! But you do need to take extra care and be careful about taking different meds.

You need to see your GP asap.


  • Congratulations and lots of hugs coming your way. Take lots of rest and take care of yourself and your wee I get the hugs as well that’s what I call think that someone was squeezing me as if there life depended on it .when this happens I my down with my legs propped up I then try and imagine I am actually lying on a fluffy cloud
  • .close your eyes and just try to go with the flow.might seem stupid but hey what’s to loose.