Early pregnancy and relapse symptoms :(

Hi Everyone,

I am very early stages (Around 9 weeks) into my second pregnancy and things are not going as smoothly as they did with my Daughter!

I was going into relapse when I found out I was pregnant the first time and literally within 3 weeks all symptoms subsided and I felt the most well I had done in years! It was amazing!

This time, all was well until a few weeks ago :frowning: I got the same numbness in my hands as last time but this has now become so strong I can barely hold a pen with my right hand. The numbness which is permanent in my feet has now spread right up to just under my chest. It’s almost feeling like I am wearing a corset! It’s really quite uncomfortable and is disturbing my sleep. I’m really worried about my little girl who is only 1 as I am struggling to play with her, lift her and even push her in the buggy.

I am waiting to see my Neurologist later this week but I’m not sure she will actually be able to do since I’m so early in the pregnancy and I only had a dose of IV steroids about 4 months ago.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m hoping it’s because I had a really bad fall a few weeks back and a heavy cold and so it’s just brought this nasty bought on. Fingers crossed as this little baby grows I will start to feel better as I did last time!

Can anyone suggest anything to at least make it feel a little better?!!

Thanks x

Hi Bex,

sorry to to hear you are struggling. Unfortunately I had relapses too in early pregnancy (though wasn’t diagnosed at the time). I had the hug you describe and pains around my chest with my first. They said my intercostal muscles were infected but I now know they were in spasm! Unfortunately there was nothing they could do, it got better though after a few weeks. The second time I was hospitalised as I couldn’t pass urine so had to have a catheter. They thought my womb was tilting the wrong way until a scan showed this was not the case. They didn’t investigate further as it passed after a few weeks. I was really poorly and sick though - lost a lot of weight (made up for it later on though!!). I didn’t have anything with my third though, just a dose of swine flu and sickness!!

Hang in there, I do remember it passed once I got to about 14/15 weeks so fingers crossed it does for you and you feel better soon x

stacey x x x

Aww sorry to hear you had it so awful too Stacey! Thanks for the information though! Fingers crossed it will settle in the coming weeks!

It’s just trying not to panic about the little one inside who has no idea what’s going on!

Trying to stay positive and enjoy rest time with my little girl before the whirlwind of the baby arrives! x


I’m my last pregnancy I went into relapse almost straight away with an episode of optic neuritis. I am now 5 weeks pregnant and my right eye has greyed. Last time Neuro said to put off a steroid IV unless it became unmanageable as they don’t like giving steroid before 12 weeks - though I think it is possible later in the ‘mid stages’ not 100% but that’s the impression I got.

nurse said its not unusual for old symptoms to niggle due to the major hormonal changes you are facing.

take care

I am 30 weeks pregnant - due in June. Since November I have been really struggling with my MS. I have had double Vision which came back again last week. Real difficulty with walking and have to use crutches or a wheelchair, carpel tunnel and problems with my speech. The neurologists believe that I am moving from relapsing and remitting to secondary progressive. However they said that things might improve after mi baby’s birth and I can have medication. It’s been a tough time.