Guidance re relapses

Hi I just wondered if at diagnosis you were given a clue as to what to expect with relapses . I was diagnosed in February after an episode in November which I have pretty much recovered from .it was mainly visual as both of the episodes I have had so far have been .
However my balance as been dodgy fr the last week or so ,yesterday I could hardly get out of bed today’s been a bit better but I am shattered and can’t walk without holding on I feel sick and dizzy and my left foot is numb,Everything is complicated by the fact I am pregnant but everything seems ok with that thank goodness my midwife came out today to give me a thorough check over. I rang my MS nurse who said is probably pregnancy related or a bug as it s unlikely to be a relapse so soon after November .
Any thoughts ?

Hi Ellie,

Part of MS's lovely personality is that it's so unpredictable!  So nobody can tell you what to expect in the way of relapses I'm afraid.

I don't think your MS nurse is right when she says that it's too soon to have another relapse and I think it's really unlikely that it would be pregnancy related....but I could be wrong!

I was diagnosed in December and have had two back to back relapses since then.  The first one started at the beginning of January, I had two weeks when I felt back to 'my' normal in February and then I had another relapse which got worse over the course of a few weeks and resulted in me having IV steroids a couple of weeks ago.

Please rest!!  Whether it's MS, Pregnancy or a bug you need to take it easy and not push things too much! 

Take care