Stomach spasm

I have been experiencing agonising stomach spasms which keep me awake for hours. It happens every few weeks and no amount of stomach pain remedies or pain killers can put the pain away. It feel likes my actual stomach inside has gone into a knot and the pain is unbelievable. It sometimes spreads round my rib cage. I have an ongoing problem with acid reflux, and I have had Steroid induced gastritis in the past, but this feels different. I’ve had a scan and my liver/gall bladder etc are all normal. I’m awaiting another endoscopy, but I now believe it is actually an MS problem. Has anyone experienced this? It lasts for several hours and all I can do is sit up and take deep breaths to try and ease the pain. Many thanks to anyone who can help.

Hi Kara, the best thing I have found for MS pain is hot then cold. Maybe try a hot water bottle on ur stomach for a while then something cold perhaps a hour later. The change in temperature helps with my pain a little. I hope ur pains subside soon.

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Thanks Pops. I will try that next time it happens. xx

i get awful spasms in my lower stomach, that bad i nearly pass out.just recently i found that something really cold put on my stomach helps my pain.i have a gel chillow pillow and i find that helps a lot if i lay it on my could get a bag of something frozen out your freezer and put that on,over a towel or could try it see it it helps.

J x

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Thanks for the advice. Yes, I will try something cold next time. I hope you don’t get that severe pain often. Coping with that level of pain is a real challenge. I feel traumatised by it when it happens. I’ve been to A&E with it. xx

hi kara

keep on with the hot and cold treatment.

have you tried muscle relaxants, such as baclofen or diazepam?

these may help relax that muscle and stop it going into spasm.

hope you get at least boxing day off!

here’s to a well behaved ms in 2016.

carole x

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actually I’ve had horrible stomach pains too. Not sure if Ms related, not cramps, just feeling sick+completely off food…through up the other night and the thought of any food makes mr turn…

Thanks Carole. Yes, here’s to a well behaved MS in 2016 to you too, and everyone out there. Xx