Stabbing pain in side


I don’t know if anyone can help. I am off to m GPs later but thought I would ask before I go what medication people are on for painful spasms. I am already on gabapentine which controls my general pain down my right arm and side. However last night I started getting severe spasms like I had been stabbed in my side which took several minutes to subside. It is excruciating when it happens and I just drop everything (literally) and wait for it to pass. Does anyone else take meds for similar symptoms?

Thanks Mish X

i get spasms, and now and again i get severe pain,I take cannabis high in cbd at night thats when I get the most spasms and i can’t get to sleep without it,it takes the pain away within seconds and I get a good nights sleep, I have never tryed the cbd oil but a lot of people say its really good its best to get 10% or over for it to work well.

hi mish

it could be the ms hug.

it is caused by the intercostal muscles between the ribs going into spasm.

does that sound like what you have?

if so you need muscle relaxers such as diazepam, baclofen etc.

it’s horrid, it felt like my ribs were being broken from within.

hope it stops for you soon

carole x

Hi Thank you for your replies. I do get the ms hug but this is different from the usual symptoms I get with that. It is more extreme than the usual ‘corset tightening’ effect I get around my rib cage and is on one side like being stabbed in the side and then very slowly it releases its grip and subsides. It’s horrid but not doing it as frequently or as badly as yesterday so hopefully it is a short lived thing! Dr gave me ibruprofen rub although I’m not sure that will do much. I’m on gabapentine already and as I’m also on Citalopram. I couldn’t have diazepam as well and didn’t want to swap, so I have left it to see if it continues first. Fingers crossed it goes away!

Hi Mish,

A lot of people get relief from spasms by taking a magnesium supplement. It’s available from supermarkets and health shops.