severe upper-back pain right across shoulders - most painful part is around left shoulder joint - right shoulder not as bad - also pain down spine and in ribs especially left side - m.s. hug? Not always there but today been especially bad.

any suggestions re what drug may help.

hi krak

if it is the ms hug you need muscle relaxants as the hug is the tiny intercostal muscles between the ribs going into spasm.

diazepam, baclofen and there are others but got brain mush.

the “hug” is a misnomer as it is not at all cuddly!

hope you get relief soon

carole x

I take Gabapentin 300mg at a dose of 900mg AM and 1200mg PM Seems to be the most effective in reducing most of my nerve/muscle related symptoms. Hate the MS hug when it does happen. Took 15 minutes last week for it to subside. Couldn’t take a full breath during that time! Newer symptom for me which is puzzling is although I can walk reasonably long distance I can’t seems to climb many stairs now. Top of thigh burns very quickly and almost end up dragging legs up? Also have to lift right leg up when getting into car? Any one experienced this specific muscle weakness?

I had something very similar a while back, it went on for months. I was taken to A&E with a suspected heart attack. It was ruled out but was told it was Tietze syndrome, get checked out, it is very like costochondritis, both cause pain like you have described, it may well be MS hug, but check it out. x

Thanks - you are right Tracey - it’s very easy to blame everything on the cursed m.s.