Pain advise please

Hello everyone for a while now I have been get a sharp stabbing pain in my side , I have been too the doctors who sent me to the hospital where I have had two abdominal scans one pelvic scan and no abnormal results, I am at my wits end now , it’s not constant but it can really spoil my day when it occurs I am very doubtful about putting any pains down to my ms but I am beginning to wonder now . Could this be ms related ? Any advice please

Hello Felicia. This sounds very much like the ‘ms hug’ to me. Yes i know hugs are usually nice but this one is far from it - it’s painful!! I have had it myself a few times. Its usually a pain around the ribs and can sometimes feel like you are being crushed and squeezed. I have not taken any medication for it myself but i know people on here have. I think Amitriptyline/gabapentin/pregabalin can help but someone else may be able to advise on that. I have read that other people on here suggest when the pain is bad to take off your bra (are you female? lol!!!) and lie down flat and to try to relax the offending area. Some have suggested hot water bottles and ibuprofen. It’s a sharp tightening feel and can be very uncomfortable. I went to a doctor with it once and he sent me for an ultra-sound scan. My neurologist laughed his head off at this! - he said it was ms related. I have learned my lesson now and if it is at all possible my problem is down to my ms then i ring my ms nurse and she can give me advice. In general - gp’s knowledge of ms is limited! Try to relax as much as possible with it as in my experience the more anxious i become - the more painful it is. Mine is usually for just a couple of days at a time but if yours is more severe and persistent then see your nurse for medication to help ease the pain. Best Wishes. Teresa.x