Stomach problems

Hi there

I was wondering if anyone else had these kind of problems with their stomach/digestion and, if so, if there was anything you could recommend to help please?

Fairly regularly - probably every few weeks - I start to get a feeling as if my stomach has seized up and I get a dull ache at the top of my stomach which then becomes a feeling like indigestion. I then end up being very sick time after time (sorry for those of you of a delicate disposition!!) and then eventually it simmers down after day or so…

I’ve had all kinds of unpleasant “procedures” to check everything is ok and there are no visible signs of anything “sinister” but the unpredictability of when this might happen, what causes it and feeling absolutely wiped out while it’s going on is driving me insane… along with all the other stuff that comes with ms.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks for listening

Sounds suspiciously like the MS grip to me. The feeling of bands gripping you around your torso, like very severe indigestion. I thought I might be having a heart attack when it first happened to me and it ends in vomiting for me when the stomach spasms and then relaxes. Big sympathies, this is vile. I got some yoga type exercises from my physio that might help - stretches etc plus buccastem prescribed to help with some of the nausea so you could try some of these. It also wipes me out completely the next day after an attack, all you can do is rest and sleep. Hope you don’t get too many of them, they are horrid.

Take care xx

Hi there, What you are describing sounds very like gallbladder pain. It sounds exactly the same as what I went through for years. I would get pain at the top of my stomach which felt like indigestion and the pain sometimes travelled up towards my chest. Sometimes I would vomit which would help. Anyway, I once got checked out at an NHS hospital and they suspected gallstones but nothing showed up on the scan. A few years later I went privately for a scan after suffering with bad pain during the night and low and behold…loads of gallstones. Two weeks later I had my gallbladder removed and its all great. If I was you I’d push for more tests if at all possible. It may not be gallstones but sounds like you need to get to the bottom of it. Take care of yourself. Lisa x

Hi I wonder if taking something like lansoprazole would help.

I was put on this after I had a lot of heartburn and angina like pains.

The pain would go from my chest, up my neck and into my teeth. It hurt a lot and was quite frightening.

My GP sent me to a cardiologist who said it was acid reflux.

Might not be what you are experiencing, but just thought i`d put my two pennarth in.

luv Pollx