Is this unusual

I have never done this before so don’t know if I have done it right. I am not getting any answers . I have had stomach problems and pressure under my ribs with 24/7nausea and loose bowels. I was admitted to hospital twice in the last 3 months and had all the gastro tests. The gastroenterologist thinks it is my ms as all my tests come up negative. My ms society group have never heard of this and when I ask the neurologist he says it is not ms.


Did they also check your gallbladder?

Three months? That’s a long time to have such bad stomach problems Teapots. And to be admitted to hospital twice as well!

What does your GP think? Is there some other way you can get to the bottom (no joke implied there) of it?

It doesn’t sound like MS to me, and clearly your neuro doesn’t think so either.

But surely the gastroenterologist can’t just say ‘well we’ve done some tests, all was negative’ and just send you home?

Sorry I have nothing useful to add, I’m just horrified that no one is helping you to find out what is wrong, cos there clearly is something.


Hi I have my gallbladder scanned on an ultrasound. I do have gallstones but the consultant says they are not going to cause problems . The gp sent me to the hospital as he could not take his investigations any further.