Stomach cramps

Hi, after a very hot day on Friday I was suddenly bolled over with excruciating stomach cramps. I was sick that evening but nothing since. I struggle with the heat could this have anything to do with the symptoms as I am still suffering now, or is it the bowel?

i really don’t know. i’m tempted to say it’s due to the heat but we all know that we shouldn’t assume anything. curl up with a hot water bottle between your legs and let the wind blow free. (yes i know a hot water bottle is the last thing you want if you already feel too hot but it works). if that doesn’t work take a mild laxative. and if that doesn’t work either get to the GP. it could be trapped wind.

Thanks Carole, popping to the chemist for advice tomorrow. Had stomach spasms when first diagnosed so think may have returned, knocking me for six! But not passing stools as too painful.