Stomach pain

Hi everyone, I have been getting pain in my upper right quadrant. There is different noises coming from my stomach. I have Pain. Been doctors and been checked out, they can’t find anything wrong. Could it be ibs ??? I feel sick and bloated It is painful under my ribcage. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.

it could be trapped wind.

that is agonising.

fill a hot water bottle and curl up around it.

try to keep it there as long as possible.

hopefully you’ll make a large sound as the wind breaks loose.

It could be gallstones. Have you had an ultrasound? I had the same symptoms and was told I was too young for gallstones (31 at the time) but I demanded a scan as my mum had the same and I knew the symptoms. Low and behold loads of gallstones showed up on the scan and I had my gallbladder removed not long after. Best of luck x