Hi all hope you are well, I have been popping in for a look on and off but rarely get time to post.

Can any of you relate to constant pain in hips ? GP not interested as I’ve got dihdrocodeine already.

For the last 5 days upper right quadrant pain with a slight hug feeling but painful to breath ,turn over in bed etc and told by GP

this is can be down to how I feel in myself not physical pain. Well I feel OK in myself except for the Pain!

It it it me or was that a total waste of time.

rant over Sonia.

your doctor should not ignore the problem,bloody cheek

Ask to be referred to a pain clinic normally at local hospital

When you say upper right quadrant do you mean upper right abdomen? If so then I had the same a few years back and was eventually diagnosed with gallbladder disease. I had my gallbladder removed which was an easy procedure. Maybe go see another doc and ask for some investigation? Do you have digestive problems too? Lisa x

Is it both hips or just one? Either way, could it be something either postural or to do with walking? I’ve had upper right quadrant (of my bum!) on one side due to the way I walk. I have foot drop and the whole of that leg is iffy, which is why I get the pain, it’s related to ‘hitching’ my hip as I walk. It too is very uncomfortable turning over in bed etc.

The ‘hug’ would more usually be around your chest / abdomen. It could be due to disease activity (ie. relapse) as indeed could the hip pain.

Whatever it’s caused by, the GP shouldn’t just ignore it. In fact if you are taking dihydracodeine and still having pain, then there would be more reason to investigate further I would’ve thought.

Do you have an MS nurse who you could talk to? Maybe if your hip pain is more to do with something that you are doing that causes it, a referral to a physio would be useful?

Hopefully you’ll get something sorted.


I had gallstones in 2002 ish. Luckily I passed them but spent 3 day’s in hospital virtually unconscious due to my blood pressure dropping with the pain. This pain also comes down my neck and shoulder as well. Major digestive problems earlier this year led to biopsies and microscopic colitis. Doctors Aarrggghhh! Sonia.

Sue , I will be trying the MS nurse when I see her to start Tecfidera. I will plod on for now just glad someone understands. Thank you Sonia