Could this be "the hug"?

Quick question, one I’ve been meaning to ask for a while! I’ve been having a pain or deep ache feeling just under my ribs on my right side. It doesn’t happen all the time but at the moment I’m having it every day. Does this sound like ms hug - not sure as I always assumed that affected you all round your body. I may need to visit my gp - could be gallbladder I suppose - my sister just had hers removed and I fit the criteria - female, over 40 and overweight! Lets hope (just for once) that this one is down to MS! Alison x

Hi Lilbill,

Hmm that’s tricky cause if it is the hug causing it then it sounds very different to mine. When I get the hug it grips my torso like iron bands and I feel it all around. It also feels painful to breath and i usually throw up after it begins to subside. First time it happened I thought I was having a heart attack. Kind of hope it is for you though cause you don’t want your gall bladder out!


Hi Alison Sounds very much like the hug. Where you say you have pain on the right under the ribs mine was the left and its damn painful thought I’d cracked a rib or something. If you’re not sure though might be worth getting it checked out. Hugs Mini x

Sounds like gallbladder to me. I had the same pain and they whipped mine out. Good luck, Lisa x

Hi Alison, I get hug and I’ve also had gallbladder out… so quite honestly it could be either.

Do you get it particularly after eating? Esp fatty food? If so it could be gallbladder. Go and see GP anyway just in case.

Hug can often be on one side. In fact I was up all night recently with bad hug on left hand side only. I started to wonder if it was hug or something else… and then somebody made me laugh and zap it went all round my ribs! So then I knew!

Below is a copy & paste list of tips that I put together for hug.

Hope it helps but see GP.

Pat x

It’s a spasm of the small muscles between the ribs. Here are some tips that might help:

· It can go all around your rib area, or only in part of rib area… up high on ribs or low down on ribs… or it can be only on one side of ribs

· Sometimes the affected area will be extremely itchy

· Much worse in heat

· Much worse when fatigued or stressed

· Don’t wear a bra (it irritates the muscles)

· Don’t wear tight clothing… the looser the better

· Avoid large meals… little and often is better

· Lie down in/on bed if you can… and lying completely flat often helps

· Take 2 Paracetamol… if you are not on other pain med’s

· Try controlling your breathing… deep in through the nose and slowly blow out of mouth… and try and relax whole body while doing it

· Stay as cool as you can but don’t have cold shower… luke warm is better

· Rest, rest, rest and then get some more rest (if at all possible)

· Gently rub the affected area. It might feel like it’s bruised… don’t worry, that’s normal

· Recently I’ve discovered that if I eat something small, eg bowl of cereal, it seems to relieve the hug for a while. Not sure why but it’s worth a try.

Thanks for tips!. Last night in bed I didn’t know how to sleep- left side hurt my dodgy kidney, right side hurt under my ribs and sleeping on my back is a definite no no (for hubby anyway) as I snore like a warthog! I’ll watch when the pain happens and check what I’m eating and maybe visit the docs but they tend to put anything down to ms or kidney stuff these days so may have to fight for any other investigations. Thanks again. X