Looking for advice

Hi I am new to this site and I am merely clutching at straws as getting no where with GP! My story begins early last year when I started experiencing pain in my left hip, this seemed to be exacerbated by walking. I did not have the pain everyday but over the following months it got steadily worse until probably about 3-4 months later it was a painful everyday all day no matter what I did - it seemed that as soon as I rested or sat down the pain increased but the more activity I did or the longer I was standing up the worse the pain would be when I eventually sat down. I could not turn over in bed without intense pain in the muscles in my hip, no over the counter pain killers would even touch the pain! I saw the GP who implied it was psychological due to having Thyroid Cancer 7 years ago - she felt that I just needed someone to tell me that the cancer wasn’t back and the pain would go away. An x-ray of my hip showed no abnormalities on the bone. Since November the hip pain was joined by nerve pain in my left leg - it is not like sciatica (ie it is a constant ache and not shooting electric shock like pulses) although it does seem to follow the path of my sciatic nerve - right down to my big toe as well as a burning sensation at times on my thigh - it is now painful to drive or to stay in any position for an extended length of time. My hip pain has reduced greatly quite suddenly but nerve pain still present and now in the last couple of weeks I have got nerve pain in my left arm. pain and weakness in my wrist - mentioned this to my GP who has suggested I probably have a trapped nerve in my shoulder. I did ask him about MS as I was concerned about having the pain in my leg and arm but he said it did not fit the pattern of MS. I have been extremely tired but since having my thyroid cancer I have had bouts of extreme fatigue often made worse at times of stress, I have also recently had investigations due to having a possibly sluggish bowel - just waiting for appointment with consultant to discuss these results. I really dont know where to go from here I have seen 2 different GP’s as my practice and have had around 6 consultations but not getting any futher. Should I be insisting on a referral to neurology? In other peoples opinion would my symptoms fit MS? any advice gratefully received.