New On Here - Need Advice

Hi everyone, this is my first post.

Ten years ago my GP sent me to a neurologist because I had pain and numbness. The Neurologist gave me a physical exam, I had a blood test and that was basically it.

I’ve been steadily deteriorating since. In June I had severe lower back pain which shot through to my left leg. It was agonising sciatica pain. At the moment the pain is located between my knee and ankle. The numbness is all around my left big toe. I have muscle tremors around my left arm bicep and in the thigh of my left leg. My vision is all fuzzy and I have pain in my left eye. My usual problem, the thigh in my right leg which goes very numb and can cause excruciating pain sometimes is, happily, not causing me any troubles. My legs are like lead weights, my neck is stiff especially after sleep, and I’ve put on stones in weight. I’m at my wits end.

I obviously need to go to my GP, but the idea of going through what happened ten years ago – the neurologist was surly, and it was all pointless – fills me with complete dread. Going to my GP is the easy bit, it’s thereafter that I’m worried about.

Any advice would be so welcome.

hiya. I think you need to get referred to neuro first.Then write a list of symtoms etc. Ask the neuro what he thinks it could be, make sure they have a plan for you . If no mri , then ask why and ask what the bloods are for etc. Best of luck

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p.s this may or may not be ms as ms mimics other conditions and they have to be ruled out.

You believe this is MS (I couldn’t comment, as I’m not a doctor, a newbie to MS myself), so I would recommend you look on your local hospitals website, and see if any of the neurologists specialise in MS. You can then ask your GP to refer you to that consultant, rather than getting pot luck. You could also research and find out if a hospital that specialises in MS is near you, and ask to be referred to that one instead of the one most local to you.

Good luck with it all. I’m assuming in the 10 years since your last neuro appointment things have progressed quite a bit…

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Advice given to me by a neurologist a few years back:

Make a list of all the symptoms that worry you.
Group all similar things together
Now rewrite the list so that the one that troubles you most is at the top (etc).
Now write the list out again with only the top five items on it. You can put the other item on it under a heading of “other problems” if you like.

Now you can type the list out, date it, and take two copies with you.

Tell the neuro what is on it - but do not give him/her the list (you want their attention on you, not on a sheet of paper)

At the end of the consultation you can offer a copy of the list (but don’t push it).

Now you know that whatever bothers you most will get considered first.
But, like the others have said, do not assume that you have MS - in fact, do not even mention MS - and let the neuro come to a conclusion based on what you have said.


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Hi ya, reading your post is like reading what I have experienced for the last 10 months, only thing different is my pressure in my thigh has gone to both legs and not just thigh but calf muscles too…see your Dr, I did and saw a neurologist, and now waiting for results of MRI and evoke potentials… Good luck with everything.

please please post anything you may be diagnosed with as I am at my wits end with these symptoms, and would love to have answers.

Heidi x

How would you advise a dear friend in these circumstances? Please be your own dear friend and advise yourself accordingly. I know, I know - easier said than done! But I think you know in your heart that it is time to bite the bullet and have another go at finding out what ails.

It is horrid, feeling stuck and unable to see a way forward. I hope you find a way through very soon.


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Thanks Alison.

I rang my GP surgery at 8am this morning and got an appointment with my GP for 9am. He spent 15 minutes with me, and has sent me for a MRI scan.

I really can’t fault our NHS.

Your advise was very welcome. Thanks again.

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Thanks for the advice I appreciate it.

HI Loretta,

Thanks for the good advice. I am not sure that I have MS, just that the symptoms fit, but you’re right I need a medical diagnosis. Posting on here prompted me to ring my GP this morning, got an appointment within the hour, and he’s sent me for a MRI scan having spent 15 minutes with me. I can’t knock the NHS.

Thanks again.

Thanks very much.

I rang my GP surgery at 8am this morning and got an appointment with my GP for 9am. He spent 15 minutes with me, and has sent me for a MRI scan.

I really can’t fault our NHS.

Your advise was very welcome. Thanks again.

Hi Heidi

I will. I saw my GP this morning and I’m going for a MRI scan. I let you know what happens. Good luck and all the best.