Stomach pain x

Hi All!

I don’t know what I’ve done but I feel like I’ve pulled a muscle in my stomach!! Not my abdomen - my actual stomach itself - right under my chest bone!

It’s really tender when I press it and when I move - feels bruised - I actually feel like I’ve been punched there!! Help!

Anyone else get this & any remedies??? xxjenxxx

Yep, I’ve had it now for about a week, it’s the dreaded hug. I take my bra off as it aggravates and have taken some codene but that hasn’t really touched it, Sorry Jen, just another charming little symptom! Chis x

Ewww! Ive had the ‘hug’ thing really bad before but its normally all the way round my torso - only once I had it where my stomach was actually spasming in waves with it!

I’ve never had this ‘punch’ in the stomach only pain before! I can’t press there even lightly - it really feels swollen & bruised! I’m eating fine though! - i was worried food would hurt when it hit my stomach!!

It’s a mad worldChis xxxxjenxxxx

I get a terrible pain towards the front right of my upper torso just under the rib area…A lump appears that is very very painfull.Its almost like I have cramp from the upper right side of my ribs down to the pelvic area.It does ease after about 20-30 minutes,it causes discomfort and pain.

Hi Jen, just a thought, could be a hiatus hernia? I’ve got one, and I also get that horrid spasm thing, which the neuro said is probably aggrivated by my (as yet undiagnosed) neurological condition. We are both in the unfortunate position of possibly having two things going on at once, so, why not throw in another?! It might be worth trying a little gaviscon or something similar if it wont interfere with anything else you’re taking? Hope you feel better soon xx

Just to be on the safe side…is it worth a trip to the gp? I know you probably won’t want to go but sometimes they can give you a better sort of painkiller, Off to Wales for the weekend but hope you get some relief soon Jen, your really going through it at the moment, Chis x

I have had strange vibrations and spasms of my abdomen - I didn’t relaise this could also be the hug!

Hope you feel better Jen



Hi, I hope you’re having a better afternoon!

Just a thought…have you considered Lupus? I know that abdominal pain is one of the first signs and I’m sure you’re aware that it resembles many of MS’s symptoms. Just an idea I’m throwing out there.

Rest up lovely

Mandymoo x