MS Hug bowel and stomach issues

Hey all

Over the last few weeks I had some of my L leg numbness and L thumb numbness and pins and needles creep back. i don’t tend to pay too much stress on these as a small blip in your health / over tiredness can cause pseudo flares. Anyway I started my period on sunday and was feeling particulalrly worse but put it down to time of month as I know some of my symptoms can worsen then.

But over the course of the day I developed the hug on my left side (it went round the L of my abdomen all the way to the middle of my back and was a very tight constricted pressure feeling). This got worse the next day and I had really really bad burning pain - my skin felt raw and sensitive and if my partner touched me or when he put some cream on my back I screamed it was so painful. This has extended up the L side of my abdomen and just under the shoulder blades on my back.

I think my stomach is also playing up as since monday I get full very quick and if I eat too much I’m in extreme pain and have pressure on the L side of my tummy (last night i had one sausage and four spoons of mash - ended up waking up at 1 starving). My bowel also isn’t right but I don’t know if thats because of my eating - my stools are loose and I go a tiny bit but many times (I’ve been thrice in the last hour - blushes).

I’m trying to avoid big meals and trying to stretch wear feasible. I’m using heat pads as the pressure and heat confuse my body into not noticing the burning pain.

I’ve had the hug before but I’ve never had any issues eating or bowel wise with it. Does this sound familiar to anyone - does anybody else get this? I’m not on any meds at present as aside from lassitude Jan - March this year I’ve been generally ok. Is there anything else I can try to do?

Sorry it’s an essay


Hey Reemz!!

As I’ve not been on much and have not really been keeping in touch apart from popping on once in a blue moon I was just about to say how’s it going - then realised that was a stupid greeting under the circumstances!!

It’s funny I was just thinking of posting - I’ve been great for months - improved very much since I started the Gabapentin & Baclofen - but the last few weeks I feel like I’ve been slipping back with several symptoms starting to niggle

The hug is a symptom that has always been an issue for me & yesterday I was thanking him upstairs that it hasn’t started again!

But this morning it’s threatening - tightness - twinging - the usual short sharp spasms round my side - nothing major, but I’m just hoping it won’t get worse - because it’s so horrible isn’t it!

Anyway - what I’m getting to is when I have had the hug in the past I’ve had bowel problems with it - most of the time my bowel seems to slow right down - no feeling (best way I can describe it!!) - but other times I’ve had spontaneous diarrhoea with it. Also sometimes my actual stomach itself would also go into spasms like a tummy bug starting but going nowhere - or sometimes again it has felt like it’s slowed right down - as though it’s not digesting the food I put in - a bit like you are describing

If this is different for you then I think you should not just assume it’s to do with the usual hug - you should get to the docs to get it checked out - it could be something else as well as the hug - like gall stones or something xxxxxxjen xxxx

Never had the hug as far as I know although I do get occasional sharp stabbing pains on one side of my rib cage. Do get occasional bowel problems where I will be a bit loose and go several times in a short time not diet etc related A

Hey Kizzy

Lovely to hear from you

I too haven’t been around much either. I’ve really been trying to focus on being well rather than being ill.

I’ve been fairly well aside from the odd blip which everyones allowed over the last few months - until now :frowning:

I had bowel and digestion issues with my first episode (though at the time I wasn’t sure whether my gastro issues were related or not) but that all went away with my other symptoms and it didn’t happen with the hug.

Now I have the hug as well as the bowel and digestion issues I had previously. I just feel so full from even having a drink - my tummy on the left feels like it will burst. But then as I haven’t eaten enough I get suddenly really really hungry but then again I eat a few spoons and thats it. I’m wondering whether it’s some type of gastroparesis as looking at the symptoms (nausea / fullness/ bloating / heart burn/ loss of appetite) I tick pretty much all of them.

I remember the hug and the gastro issues being a significant thing for you so I know you can probably relate to this. I’ll book to see my GP anyhow and see what they have to say.

I finally have a neuro review now (yipee). I had a big fight on my hands as I finally got a neuro I liked and was seen last september by him and was due to have a 6 month review. He unfortunately went off on sabbatical in feb. Since then I have been waiting to have my appointment sorted and nobody told me what was going on - I had to make numerous phone calls. In the end I put in a formal complaint 2 weeks ago as I think waiting 4 months for my original 6 month review is appalling. So instead of being seen in 6 months I am now 1 year on. But at least I have an appointment and it’s with a good neurologist so people here have said :slight_smile: (amazing what happens when you complain).

I’ve lost track of whats happened with you - I know you had to leave your job I think. Hows everything with the diagnosis / work etc situation?

It’s nice hearing from an old timer. :slight_smile:



The hug is not nice - it was one of my worst symptoms last year. It’s the third proper time I have it but I’ve had short periods of having it as you say with a stab in the side of my ribcage or something. This time is horrible but have just heard from neuro team and now finally have an appointment booked for the 26 sept (so six months later than my six month review was meant to be - a bit of a joke really heh).

The worst bit is I can’t even stand to have my partner cuddle me - it’s to sore and painful. Booking myself in to see the GP in case the stomach and bowel issues are unrelated but I doubt it. It did have stomach and bowel issues last year but not with the hug. It was the same sort of thing as I’m experiencing now.

Well hopefully the neruo can shed some furtherlight on whats happening by the time I see him



Thank goodness you finally have an appointment Reemz, it feels like forever waiting for news of an appointment for you! Xx I will say good luck now in case I forget in September :confused: Sam x

Hooray to finally getting an appt Reemz it’s been a real run around for you X

Reemz x - gastroparesis sound more than a possibility! We forget that our stomachs are literally one big muscle!!

It was only when I eventually realised that it’s plausable that the stomach itself can go into spasm, twitch and go spastic - just the same as a muscle in the leg - that it stopped being so scary!! The first hug I had I ended up in A&E thinking it was a heart attack as it was crushing & spasming around the chest - the second 'hug I had was just as violent but this time my stomach itself was at it!! Horrible pain!

Funny enough it was those two episodes along with L’hermittes that eventually sent me down the MS path when one of my GP’s recognised the hug and linked it to all my other symptoms!

BUT - don’t forget that not all symptoms are MS/Neurological - I had an endoscopy and ultrasound to rule out other ‘mechanical’ causes like Gall stones etc first - so make sure you ask your GP to be referred for proper tests sooner rather than later!

6 months after your 6 month follow up!!! Flippin diabolical!!! But not unusual on here eh!!! xxx


Yes, I remember your A&E trip. My first one was exactly like yours and affected my breathing which is very scary.

I saw the GP last year thinking maybe gastro stuff was acid but I don’t think so as I had acid issues between 17-19 years and I knew my body so well that if i felt it flaring i could stop it in its tracks with diet and i knew exactly what ould trigger it. Where as last year no matter what diet, what ant-acid no difference.

I have made a GP appointment - not for 1 1/2 weeks but its with the good one. I’ll call up and ring for earlier one if i run into more trouble but to be honest the other gp’s are naff so if i can hold out i’d prefer to wait for someone who will listen.

Stomach can defo spasm. Last year in feb i saw a osteopath as had neck issues. He whilst looking at me said do you have pain in your abdomen here - it was very strange it was one spot where the muscles had gone into spasm but felt like deeper stomach muscles. He managed to release it (though it was an uncomy experience to say the least).

I’m still uncomy eating, intermittent hug now.

How are you, how are your symptoms?



Awwww thank you guys!

I’ve still been getting the hug intermittently and when it happens it could last a few minutes to a few hours. In some ways worse as I start to feel like I’m okay and then all of a sudden - wham! I must look like a complete mess clothes wise at the moment as opting for baggy loose dresses to be comfy. Worst was yesterday in the middle of my worst clinic - I think in someways I am my worst enemy as I don’t show I’m in pain or under the weather, I smile grit my teeth and plow on. So most of the time people don’t realise something is wrong.

Stomach and bowels still not right - I’m still only able to stomach a small meal - though not great I’m managining with it until I get to see my GP next tuesday. Leg and hand still buzzing if not a little more noticeable and I’m a bit embarassed to say i’m not sure I’m feeling everything I should be down there at the mo. I keep questioning myself whether I’m imagining it or not - but all I can say is positions that are usually hectic for me just don’t do anything at the mo (blushes).

Hope all you guys are staying well.