new experience

hi everyone

hope having enjoyable xmas

used to go on old website a lot ,first time on new one (takes bit of getting used to)

my partner had to go a+e in week passed onto different dept and ended up far from where we parked so i had to walk back to car, i use a stick and found this very hard(rambling now),christmas eve+day found my sides+stomach aching(not muscles just irritating pressure inside)found this very uncomfortable,heard of ms ‘hug’ but this was new experience for me,anyway do i put it down to walking far more than used to and working out limitations?or can someone explain th hug to me,i was diagnosed 15months ago with ppms and 39yr

any help would be very welcome so can explain to family how it feels

(sure they think putting it on)


Hi Steve,

I think everyone must be too full of turkey to answer!

I don’t have any experience of MS hug but there’s a good article here:


Hi Steve, yes could be hug. I tend to get it when I’ve overdone it or stressed. It is very uncomfortable and can be across chest area or tummy area or even just on one side. Very tight constricted feeling. Google it for lots more info (‘multiple sclerosis hug’ or ‘girdle’… the American name for it). These days it’s often called ‘banding’.

I’m also PPMS and get it on and off a lot. I used to get it more than I do now, so keep in mind that once you get a symptom doesn’t mean you’ll always have it. Saying that, I have to remind myself that doesn’t mean I won’t start getting it regularly again. MS eh? Never know where you are with it.

It’s really hard to explain to family and partners. I also have felt at times that people thought I was putting it on. Some of the time it’s people just not wanting to accept that we’re ill. It reminds them that they could get ill too. So it’s a form of denial. Other times it’s just a real lack of sympathy. If people can’t actually see the problem (ie the missing leg or the huge scar) they just don’t believe in it. And of course fatigue is the most difficult thing to explain and we all get sick to death of the response "Oh yes I’m tired too’. Just have to bite the bullet Steve and let it pass.

It helps coming on here where there are people who understand.

With the hug, avoid stress as much as possible (which has been impossible over Xmas!!!). Rest as much as you possibly can… and I mean real rest. Lie in bed rest! Avoid huge meals (also impossible over Xmas!!!). Wear loose clothing. Paracetamol sometimes helps. It’s the small muscles between the ribs that are in spasm so you want to try and relax them. Deep breathing can help. Gentle music. Anything that helps you relax.

Hope you’re feeling better,

Pat x

SORRY NATHAN… not Steve!!!



I had it a few months back, felt as if someone was putting pressure on my rig cage also found it hard to sit properly, however the good news it did go and hasn’t come back since