Diarrhoea (sorry)

Morning all, apologies in advance.

I had the runs for a few days last week, then it went away, now it’s back. I’ve noticed that if I wake up at night to wee, which happens when I overheat in bed, I tend to have some bloating & wind the following morning.

Now, I also had monthly upset stomach at totm, and I’m wondering if that was also due to temp increases. I cut dairy at one point, reduced bloating but haven’t had much, if any, recently and I’m stuck with this. I’m wondering if I should call nurse or GP.


Sorry to hear you are feeling so yuk.

I don’t suffer from the dreaded D. The other end of the spectrum troubles me sometimes though.

I know that temperature change affects my symptoms so badly. If I get hot all hell lets loose.

I would definitely mention it to my GP I reckon, just in case you need some medication to deal with it.

Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

Shazzie xx