mucous diarrhoea

I have had a terrible nights sleep, up about every 15 minutes and passing mucous, no stools (not even diarrhoea type) just mustard coloured mucous. Even managed not to make it to the loo, I was so embarrassed and my husband is now taking the mick. Feel ok, no loss of appetite, just a bit of a sore tummy. Now I don’t think this is over flow, I have had constipation problems in the past but seemed to be ok recently. Not sure if I should take a dose of senna tonight or just let it go and put it down to a bug. Which you’d think if it was would want to empty me out completely but i ate well all day yesterday. I’m seeing the doc tomorrow.

Hi Anon, I was startled to read your post because this is exactly what I experienced myself last night! My bout of whatever it was wasn’t as severe as yours but it was worrying and the urgency did cause a little accident which really upset me. The mustard coloured mucous that you describe I had too and was very smelly (sorry is that tmi?) no stools to speak of but some light brown watery diarrhoea and a few niggly stomach rumblings before each trip to the loo but no real pain to speak of and it seems to have stopped (so far) today. Mind you I haven’t eaten anything except a few digestive biscuits and a banana because I didn’t want to aggravate my stomach and I have been drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. I seem to remember reading somewhere that there may be a link with MS and ulcerative colitis and I think I’ve read posts from some members here who have UC as well as MS so if anyone has both would you mind sharing your experiences? As things seem to have calmed down for me I’m not going to the GP as yet but please Anon let me know how you get on at the doctor’s tomorrow. I hope you are feeling much better today. Sx

I thought it had stopped, ate normally all day yesterday, got up this morning and really had to go, normal soft, then ate brekkie and really had to go again. Interestingly enough my baby daughter ate a little of the same pudding as me when we were out for a meal on sat and she has had a fast bum and its quite mucousy so think it might have been a bit of food poisoning (we only went back to that place as they gave us a voucher last time for poor service, don’t think we are going again).


Just read your posts and I too have been experiencing these problems. I started off with constipation and then piles! Then on a couple of occassions, I had a tummy rumble then just had to rush to the loo. The last bout lasted a few days then went back to being constipated. This then resulted an external thrombosed pile (had to go to out of hours gp, so embarrassed).

Since this time my doctor has arranged for me to go to hospital to be checked out, one thing that I have come across but would also be grateful if anyone else could comment is, I have normal blood tests apart from a weak postive P-ANCA. This was only discovered when doing tests for vasculitis (this was done to confirm my MS diagnosis and to find out why I was getting skin rashes). I have seen somewhere that a PANCA blood test could indicate UC, which would fit with my symptoms.

Can anyone offer any more advive for information please?

I had investigations a few years ago for coeliac disease that came back negative, I would have loose stools going about 5 times in an hour and then was ok. Funnily enough reducing the amount of bread in my diet and leaving an unhappy marriage stopped it happening. My neuro checked me out for B12 and folate as B12 deficiecy can lead to diarrhoea. I do wonder if it was something I ate, but then I am going through a few major stresses at the minute, so maybe that contributed to it. Touch wood nothing else has happened.

Hi everyone,

I’m not dx yet…but I have had Ulcerative Colitis for about ten years…and I have had tons of blood tests…all were ok…apart from P-ANCA which came up as positive. I am currently awaiting another appointment to see my neuro. because of this.

It is a fact that auto-immune diseases are linked…I asked my GP this and was told yes they are…although they don’t think I have MS atm…

Hope this helps a little.