Bowel Issues


Just wondering if anyone might be able to suggest anything.

Last night I needed the toilet twice for diahorrea and then fine all day until after lunch and had to go again and just before. I am not feeling great, no vomiting or anything just headache, feel a little warm in the face and cold everywhere else. Just wondering if this MS or if I have picked up a bug. My tummy started to hurt late afternoon not badly just annoying ache.

I don’t have any imodium in the house so will have to wait to take something until tomorrow when I nip to chemist in my lunch.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated in what is a very embarrasing post.


Hi Tracey

I am known for my bowel problems LOL and have received lots of good advice for constipation (see my post), anyway as well as constipation we are also prone to bowel incontinence. Though judging by the headache and tummy ache I would think this could possibly be a virus.

Take care,



I have been plagued with sudden and intermittent diarrohea. I often get left sided pain. Neuro says definitely not MS but I have had investigations to rule out anything sinister and gastro consultant says it is a functional problem. The undertone of his view is that it IS in fact MS… I take imodium syrup every day prescribed by my doc to keep it under control. Yours may be a one off caused by a virus and let’s hope so - however if it crops up again, ask to be referred as you may need some help and advice.