Bowel issues

A little imbarresed but need some help please. Dx with RRMS 7 years ago but for the last 2 years my bowels have been a real problem. On my ‘off days’ of which there are many, I have the runs and I mean ‘the runs’ I cannot hold it, and it just runs from me. Unable to leave the house and I can visit the loo every hour all day, you just wonder where it keeps coming from. I have no stomach pains and food does not make any difference. My GP says it is not IBS and following tests thinks it is MS related. Anyone out there have the same problems? Fed up.

Not sure why IBS has been ruled out. Have you seen a gastroenterologist?

I started having constant diarrheoa in April 2011. After tubes up and down, a gastroenterologist diagnosed IBS and prescribed loperimide. It slows down the digestive system so that fluids can be absorbed better during digestion and everything gets more solid. (Loperimide is the active ingredient in immodium.) It’s been SUCH a relief!!! I do still have the occasional bad day, but on the whole I am absolutely fine :slight_smile:

My neuro told me that IBS is very common in MS. He believes it is caused by MS damaging the central nervous system input to the digestive system. Because the fault isn’t in the digestive system, there’s nothing to be found in tests, so we get the IBS label.

I really think you should see a gastroenterologist. GPs aren’t experts after all - surely he/she shouldn’t be making these diagnoses without specialist input?

I hope you find a solution soon - I really do know how miserable it can be :frowning:

Karen x

I was DXen 18 years ago, and have had much the same problem for the last couple of years. What can I say other than ‘it’s vile’. You have my sympathy, just sorry I can’t offer practical support (other than to keep a towel in the car so you can sit on it if it happens while you’re out :frowning: )