Embarassing Bowels

Hi everyone

Most of the bowel problems I seem to read about refer to constipation. My problem is the reverse.

I have a bowel motion every morning approx 1 hour after breakfast. It tends to be soft and unformed. But unfortunately then for a few hours after I will get a little leakage as if I have not wiped myself properly. I have had extensive tests at the hospital and all were normal. I was told that I had irritable bowel. I have changed by diet no gluten, no lactose etc which has helped only a little. The only thing that helps is imodium to firm everything up making it easier to pass but I dont want to take that all the time. Sometimes I use a glycerine suppository to clear out bowel after I have been.

Also, Is this an MS symptom or irritable bowel ?

Thanks Moyna

hi moyna

i don’t think anyone knows if it is ms causing this. neuros say it isnt but isnt it strange how after a lifetime of regular, perfectly formed poos, i now never know if i will go and what it will be like if i do.

i used to joke that IBS stood for irritating bas*ard syndrome when it was my husband’s problem. serves me right.

carole x

Yes I agree. MS has not been diagnosed for me, the neuros I have seen have different opinions. My Mum has the same bowel problems and she doesnt have MS or neuro problems - just old age. I had twins 15 years ago and both were over 7.5lbs and one doctor thinks my inners were damaged.

l know most people with MS - seem to suffer with constipation - but there are some of us who suffer the other way. l go regularly - usually about 6times a day!!! l have had all the ghastly tests - which have come back as OK. lt appears l have rapid-transit - l had the camera up the bot - test - Then had to have the barium meal x-ray. When the radiologist gave me the large jug of chalky stuff to drink - l did say to her that ‘nothing touches the sides’ - so she had me in for the x-ray as soon as l had swallowed it all - and in 5mins it had passed through my stomach and upper bowel. Apparently it can take up to 4hrs to get to this position.

For a long time l have taken Loperamide [ lmmodium] and also codeine phosphate - to try to bung myself up - and l have a Peristeen lrrigation system to use to empty myself out in one go. l used this for a couple of years regularly - now l only use it if l am going out somewhere and need to be safe. l have cut out of my diet all gluten/grain and eat a high protein low carb diet. This has helped me - as well as taking Probiotics/Vitd3 - Lately, l have been adding toasted ground golden linseeds to a bowl of greek yogurt/banana/honey every morning - or late at night. Linseeds[Flax] is supposed to help with constipation - but l find it swells up - as does Fybogel - and helps to stabilise my tum. Linseeds contain lots of goodies - and taste really good - similar to sesame seeds.

l remember a GP advising me to try fybogel - years ago - he said it bulks up and can help people with loose stools.[can’t spell diarrhoea - never looks right]

But l am much better not eating any bread/cake /biscuits etc. Not that l stick to it all the time - but l soon know it when l do.

And this is a MS problem - the same as it is a vitamin d3 deficiency which includes IBS/Crohns/Coeliac/Osteo-arthritis/Hypertension/ MS/ and 17 types of cancer.


Thanks for your help. Although fybogel makes me run more! I have tried colonics with no avail. Am now thinking of trying homeopathy.


Hi, I am also all over the place when it comes to bowel habits.

A few weeks ago, I had the worst time when it took 2.5 hours to pass one very large stool…I hadn`t been for 6 days!

I did think about peristeen, but my GP was very against it. i`m going ok just now and think it must be the large bowl of all bran with a fresh fig and banana for brekkie.

But like you I can have leakage problems. I wear large pads to catch anything.they usually work!

I do think bladder and bowel problems can be blamed on MS…or other neurological damage to the spinal ccord.

The stuff we have to put up with, eh?

luv Pollx

My neuro told me that there are far too many MSers diagnosed with IBS for it not to be due to their MS. The digestive system has an input from the central nervous system, so gastros can do all the tests they like, but they are not going to find the cause of the problem and so we end up with an IBS dx.

My gastro told me to take loperamide as I needed and for as long as I need. I’ve found that one pill in the evening is enough to stop my permanent diarrhoea unless I have something that it can’t cope with like curry, goat’s cheese or more than a moderate amount of alcohol. Before loperamide I couldn’t eat any lactose or spicy food at all and it was making life thoroughly miserable (I’m a chocoholic!).

The gastro told me that the reason that Imodium labels state a maximum length of time to use it is because it might mask a more serious problem. So, if you have had serious stuff ruled out, you are safe to use it as you need to. (Loperamide is the active ingredient in Imodium - and a prescription is a lot cheaper than buying the branded stuff usually.)

Karen x

Hi and thanks to everyone for their comments. I had tests done for heavy metals as mercury was suspected. It turned out that my mercury levels were fine but aluminium levels were the highest that had ever been seen in that clinic! It turns out that imodium is high in aluminium. I only now take it when desperate, otherwise I take ‘bowel calm’ by optibac which is good. Expensive though and not avaiable on prescription. Aluminium is linked to cancers and Alzeimers.

lol Moyna

Moyna - What you said about Aluminium levels is very interesting. And thanks for enlightening us. l have - for many years been aware of the damage mercury does to us - and how there is so much of it around - not just amalgum fillings!

Anyone going for a flu jab - do ask if it contains mercury as a preservative as it is possible to get them without.

l shall be reading the up about loperamide now you have warned me.


ps. There is an interesting post about ‘Sacral Neuromodulation’ which is a new tecnique to help with bladder and bowel issues on this forum…