Stomach and Torso Spasms.

I am just wondering if anyone else gets stomach and torso spasms as bad as me.

I get tremors/rubbling through my torso and pelvic area.This can ease off.However yesterday and today,and it is not the first time this has happened.

I started to get the tremors/rubbling through my torso and pelvic area.They then started to go into spasm and they were painfull and affected my whole torso.Then terrible pain as these spasms got stronger and stronger.Then without warning I am physical sick.I dont feel sickly my food is just forced back up without warning.

This has happened before and again it is occuring as the morning has gone on,they can last minutes to several hours of building up to painfull spasms,they are that painfull I cry out.

I hate being physicaly sick,I get frightened.


Hi, I get it too sometimes, I describe it like being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste! I’m forced to vomit sometimes, even though I haven’t felt nauseous, its just so physical. I’ve got a hiatus hernia, and suffer from reflux, but this is something else. I hate being sick too, and it hurts with a hernia. I’m not diagnosed yet, I’ve got a lot going on, but the neuro says its a variation of the dreaded ‘hug’.

Thankyou hunny.

It realy horrid and yup there is no warning when I am going to be sick.I am just sick.

I feel out of sorts afterwoulds.


This is one of the first symptoms I had, my gp diagnosed shingles!! I started off with a burning, itching, stabbing pain below the left breast ( thought my bra was causing it ) This turned to numbness from below the breast down to just below my waist and also went round to the left side of my back.

When this stopped I was left with the most awful pushing and pulling sensation in my torso. It feels like someone is inside me twisting and pushing my insides. It takes your breath away. Fortunately it doesn’t make me vomit, you poor thing, that sounds awful.

I’ve had this now for nearly 5 months. Gabapentin tabs take the edge of it but I’m going to stop the tabs as I have put on 2 stone in weight since January which is crazy and makes me feel like crap. Guess I’ll have to try some new medication.

Take care


Thankyou Anne-Marie.

I have a doctors appointment next week I will mention it to her.Its pritty ftightening when it happens.I hate being sick.

If your spasms are internal / digestive system rather than your abdominal muscles then it could be the same as mine - a gastro consultant put me on spasmonal forte for 4 weeks it, thinking that would clear it up, but it came back as soon as I stopped taking the pills. My neuro told me to stay on them - my MS has probably mucked up the central nervous system input to the muscles in the digestive system. Spasmonal forte are the same sort of drug as baclofen, but spasmonal forte relaxes involuntary muscles (muscles you can’t control) and baclofen relaxes voluntary muscles (muscles you can control).

Might be worth a try?

Karen x

Thankyou rizzo.Im still getting the darn things today.I got up feeling I needed to sleep for a few days just to feel a little better.I went to bed for a nap and my arms n legs were jumping around.I woke up to painfull spasticity.MS hug is restricting my breathing and movement.

I simply feel utterly rotten,not good at all.Im poorley most days and it seems I am in for a rough ride of things more so the past few days.I can cope with the general unwellness and the usaly pains and stiffness and the spactisity and spasms,but I know whats coming for at least for a few days more.

I cannot sleep my life away I have my child so its fight back as much as I can.I have that sensation over my head like something is crawling around in my head.My left side feels as if something is crawling around and jumping around under my skin.I am struggling with noises they seem realy loud at the moment.

I should of guessed I was going to be KICKED and HARD.Lets hope it only lasts a few more days.