Still on a diet

Hello folks.

Over the past 18 months I’ve lost 38 pounds. That’s two stone ten pounds.

The worst bit was getting past the 2 stone bit. I know some others have felt frustrated about getting past the 2 stone and I think it’s the hardest part for me up to now. I don’t know what I did but I varied my food types. I’d have some carb days with home made bread some pulse days, some protein days and some vegetable days. I’m still avoiding pasta and potatoes and have fruit for breakfast. Maybe my northern frenzy of pie and chips helped.

Last week I bought a block of tofu-watch this space.

Best wishes, Steve.


hi steve

i have tried tofu years ago when i went vegetarian.

i couldn’t make it taste of anything so never bought it again.

however we went to an international festival when on holiday in greece.

all the national stalls asked for one euro per plate of food.

the vietnamese one was a tofu dish and it was lush!

my vegetarian son started buying tofu and i’m a convert as long as it is not cooked by me.

looking forward to seeing your recipes!

Talking of northern frenzy for pie and chips - i was born and raised in wigan where the townfolk are known as “pie eaters”.

took dad to see his brothers and sisters today and my aunty gave us Galloways pies, yummee!!

i need to start trying to lose some lard and hope i can do as well as you.

carole x

Congratulations on the weight loss. I’ve managed to lose 4 pounds over the past month or so. If I lose 38 pounds I’ll be in my ideal weight band - just! My long term target is to lose at least 3 stone.

Good luck to all dieters with your future weight loss.

Carole, I wasn’t going to mention Wigan and pie-eating. In the early nineties I shared a flat with a girl from Wigan. She quickly tired of the pie reference. I spent the first few years of my life in Prescot; it’s nearly Wigan in that for some strange reason once you get past Huyton, the accent changes. It must be going across the magical barrier of the M57.

If you decide to start dieting, I found the best way was to do it in secret at first until someone noticed a bit of weight loss. I now do a pie version of minced turkey using bread dough instead of pastry. The dough is really forgiving and can be rolled fairly thinly. Recipes from the Hairy Dieters book is a good starting point.

Best wishes, Steve. x

I live in Wigan! Havn’t eaten a pie in many a long year though

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I go to the gym but I love my food - chocolate - yum yum - really need to be more strict with myself - exercise and diet need to be combined - well done on the weight loss - Wigan kebab - pie on a stick (no offence intended)

It’s good to do some exercise if you can do it. I go on the while I can I will principle. Fortunately even though I cannot walk more than 5 meters, I still have some control over what I can do.

Like doing regular exercise, it’s all about discipline. Enjoy the chocolate.

Best wishes.

Hi Steve. Well done for losing the weight.

I’ve lost 4.5 stones on the low carb diet. It’s taken me 2 years and I’ve still got a bit more to lose.

It’s not hard once you get used to the change and it’s mice to see the weight loss.

Well done you.

Shazzie x

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