Still not receiving notifications forum technical people


I’m sorry that I’ve forgotten your name, you’ve done a good job with the forum but I’m still not getting notifications (and yes of ticked the box folks).

Would you suggest I start up a new profile perhaps?

As you can understand it does make things difficult for me to use this forum but thank you for all your help.

Wendy x

Hello Wendy

Why don’t you clear things on your notifications page. Fill it in again, save it and see if that works.

Good luck

Thanks Blossom will give it a try.

Wendy x

Wendy I’m not getting notifications either, it may be yet another problem with iPad. My public profile says I’m from Wales I’ve redone profile to no avail. So I’ve decided it means I’m an honorary Welsh woman and that’s ok by me, not sure what the Welsh among us think.

Jan x

Thanks for the reply Jan, yes there still seems to be problems with it all, I’ve tried deleting and re doing my profile but to no avail, perhaps our virus protection is too strong.

I always fancied being Irish myself but Welsh would do

Hi Corkie, sorry that you’re not getting notifications. Can you confirm if you’re using an iPad to access the forums?

Stewart (admin)

Hi Stewart

No I’m using a computer,

Thanks Wendy

Just found my notifications in my junk mail, thanks for that Polar Bear. I don’t know how to stop them going to junk though, I’ve tried pressing and holding down on mail but nothing happens. Any tips greatly received

Jan x

When I open messages in junk. At the top of the message it gives me a choice to say this is safe or something like that and it automatically goes to my inbox.

Thank you Stewart, it’s working!

Wendy x

Hi there,

Myself and Stewart were testing notifications earlier this morning. With one of our test accounts we did find that notifications went into the email spam folder, they also took a while to come through. Once you have marked these emails as ‘not-spam’, it should stop this from happening.

Has anyone else experienced any more problems with notifications? We are 99.9% sure this is working correctly now


Steph (admin)

Thanks to your advice Polar Bear I now get notifications in my inbox rather than junk. There is a link in the email that takes you directly to the post in question, hope that helps.

Jan x

Hi Jan and all,

The notifications you now get should provide a link that will take you to the thread you have been active on. You will get a notification for every piece of activity on that thread. So you could end up with quite a few emails if people have been busy! The link in the mail itself won’t be able to take you directly to the new unread comment, but there is a blue button at the top of thread called ‘last unread’, if you click on that it should take you back to the last place you were in the thread. It does disappear once clicked though and if you click on it, then click on a later notification email it won’t be there as it’ll think you’ve already read everything. Oh dear, does that make sense? I think I’ve described that in a more complicated way than I meant to!


Steph (admin)

Thanks Steph and gang x