66 unanswered messages does this mean I'm not receiving them?

Hi folks

I have 66 unanswered messages showing on my message board on my home page, I have had a few old messages come through to my email box and when I click on it comes up unable to open this message, message nos usually start with 2.

I would be grateful if someone could advise, cheers.

Wendy xxx


i think theres several ‘blips’ with the site currently. i guess your prob is part of a bigger picture. i guess they are aware and addressing it.

ellie (who guesses alot!)

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Thanks ellie, at least it has a spell check now!

Hi Corkie,

We have reported this to the developers. Is anyone else experiencing this?

We are also looking to other forum issues reported this morning.

Many thanks,

Steph (admin)

Hi Corkie,

I think we have got to the bottom of what is going on here, with a little help from Polar Bear . I’ll post it here rather than send you a private message so that it might help others.

It sounds like your notification emails are going into the spam folder. If you read the notification email when you’re in the spam folder, any links will be in-active (not-clickable). If you move the email into your inbox the links should become active.

The best way to ensure email notifications from the forum are not sent to the spam folder is to add this email address: noreply@mssociety.org.uk to your contact list.

Many thanks,

Steph (admin)

Hi Polar Bear,

O.K, that I might not be able to help you with. I’m not very good with my phone. Do you want to private message me what phone you have and what email system you use and we’ll go from there? I might not be able to solve this for you until Monday though… and I suspect I’m not the best person to help.


Steph (admin)

Mine come into my in box too, not spam box and I don’t use a phone