I cant read any of my messages, as theres nothing at the side where your budies are listed, so i cant send any pms either..crying3

Hi Julsie,

This keeps flummoxing me, as well.  I can still find them, but only by navigating to "My homepage" (top right hand corner), which isn't obvious.

No link to PMs direct from the forum, it seems.

Do you mean that if you go to your homepage, you still can't access them?

I don't use the buddies thing, so don't know where buddies are listed.

But on mine, "My messages" is underneath "My subscriptions" and "My links" (which I don't use either).


Hi the bit where it says related news, mines is just blank under that,. it is frustratingangrywhen i go to home page i still cant get them. i can see why people left as it does get on my nerves. thanks Tina it might just sort its self out. julsiexx

Hi guys

Apologies - there is still loads of work going on behind the scenes to  get these bits working properly.

Greg {admin}