Is anyone else having problems with notifications? I haven’t had any for days now…to be honest I was thinking of changing my setting so I didn’t get so many but I’m missing them now I’m not getting any!!!

I didn’t even realise we could get notifications

If you go into update your account you can request email notifications. Quickest way is to click on your name click on update account on the left hand side and go from there. Jan

I don’t have it set to notify me about new forum posts, but do for PMs. I noticed a couple of days ago I wasn’t getting e-mail notification of PMs any more, and posted about it on the forum issues thread. Somebody else chipped in to say they’ve not been getting any either. No response from tech staff. Now looks as if it might not just be PMs affected. Tina x

I think I’ll leave it as no notifications, I loads of emails as it is so don’t want to die under the (paper)weight

I have suddenly lost my notifications too :frowning:

Pardon the memory lapse, Jen - yes, of course it was!

I’m curious whether it’s affecting everyone, or just a selected few, as not many have mentioned anything. I don’t actually know how long the PM notifications had been broken, or even if they’re repaired yet, because you can’t tell until you receive a PM you hadn’t been notified about.

I wish, too, that they would repair the search. It makes unnecessary work for the regulars, having to respond to topics that have already been done to death - several times. But it’s also frustrating if you saw an answer to a question, or something really interesting, but can’t find it again. :frowning:



Ah, just posted about this on Forum Issues. One came through from 14th June!



Haha I just got loads, I won’t be looking at them all they’ll be going straight in the bin. Jan

I just got 29 notifications through at once! Think it’s a safe bet they have fixed the issue!

Hi all

We think the notification issue is fixed, fingers crossed - please see the comment I just posted on the Forum issues thread.