Do you get email alerts for private messages?

I don't. Just wondering if anyone does?


(Just to clarify, I'm talking about getting an email to your own email address to alert you that you have received a private message on here.)


Karen x


No, I don't either

Sarah x

Good morning Karen,

I do and found them in my junk folder initially, but you have already looked there haven't you.


LOL! Yep :slight_smile:


I do on one account but not the other..................

No, not at all,

Teresa xx

No, and it's a pity.



yes i do thumbsup

but its there before the actual message appears on the ms screen and i sometimes have to refresh the page before it appears.



I joined a local neighbourhood site the other day. Get email alerts for PM's and for posts that I have responded to. It's just a small site set up by one local man...

Pat x

Yes, I do.



Yes - l get emailed  when l have pm's - l am in touch with a few folk this way.

Why some of us and not others?


Yes-I do.

Ellie x

Hi Karen

I used to when the old foum was up and running but not from this new one.

Mary xxx

Hi, yes I do.

Thanks all for replying. Interesting!!!

Karen x

Come on webteam - can we please have the same service for all?! confused

Uh oh! I should clarify that one... Can we please all receive email alerts when we get a pm?

Hi Karen,

Yes I get them.

Sometimes I'd find one in my spam mail just the odd time not all the time.

Mark xx

Nope - not now!!


Why aren't we getting them? 

I have absolutely no idea, but it is not good!

Come on webteam - please fix it!!!